Saturday, July 16, 2011

The First Few Days

We are finally here!!!! My dream come true, old colonial homestead on 207 acres with shearing shed and lots of room for the dogs to run and play. I would love to add some photos but the batteries for the camera are flat and the recharger is still somewhere in a box.

The move went fairly smoothly the only major problem was the fact my very large, very heavy jarrah dining room table wouldn't fit through the door but with lots of maneuvering, grunting and sweating our lovely moving guys managed to get it in.

Since arriving we have done a lot of walking and exploring, there are a lot of rustic relics laying around and also a lot of old bottles, some broken, so we are going to need a clean up fairly soon to protect our doggies. The views are stunning and still take my breath away every morning. The silence is incredible, it is so peaceful and relaxing but I know I need to get back into the house and get things sorted. The kitchen is done and so are the lounge and dining rooms. I am half way through the laundry and really need to unpack the bathroom boxes as we are running out of toilet paper.

Of course there are a few problems with a 110 year old house that will need to be fixed and we have a huge wish list. We discovered that the hot water system is so small you can't even get 2 showers out of it, the bathroom floods when you have a shower and the house water system is pretty dodgy. Cooking on an electric stove is taking some getting used to and the internet coverage is not very good.

But this is our dream and part of that dream is making this place perfect.


  1. Cannot wait to see some photos of your wonderful new homestead!

  2. Me either! Hope that charger turns up soon!!! Sounds beautiful!

  3. What sort of internet is it? Satellite?

  4. So whats wrong with a squirt from the hose outside to get clean? You're not going all fancy now that you've moved are you Sue?

    Really though, I'm pleased for you, it all sounds lovely.


  5. It is a mobile wireless. The neighbours have an aerial on their roof to boost their signal. It seems to work OK outside but that isn't too good on rainy days.